Untapped potentials by South Sudan and Somaliland

South Sudan and Somaliland are both developing countries with noticeable analogous historical struggles, but they differ in terms of their geographical location, investment capacities and international recognition to mention but a few. Somaliland is an internationally recognized self-declared state, meanwhile South Sudan is an independent recognized state by the United Nations. The fact is, both countries transact economic and political businesses with the outside world because apart from their God-given resources, they’ve legislatures, presidents and flags, and are meeting expectations to build their nations, make better laws, elect new leaders and get their rightful places in the global space.

Distinctively, South Sudan and Somaliland are far apart in distance but they are inhabited by ambitious men and women whose aspirations in economic, social and political affairs are entirely similar. Commonsensically, our citizens aren’t related by blood but our common heroic past forges our regional and continental kinship in determining our desirable destiny. Destiny of growth and sustainable partnerships in businesses and two-sided political relations.

It is possible to walk together in many ways. For instance, South Sudan can create a conducive atmosphere in which Somaliland investors can create jobs through opening legal businesses in the country. Furthermore, there is a need for South Sudan to cooperate with the Somaliland’s government to receive her goods from Europe through berbera Port and pass them via Ethiopia to the capital city Juba instead of depending solely on Mombasa’s Port of Kenya. On the other hand, it’s no harm to persuade transporting the innumerable South Sudanese livestock to the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, namely Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and others, through Somaliland.

Such an expanded network to the government of South Sudan and its people can widen regional advocacy to mobilize international support for the full recognition of Somaliland as a legitimate nation on the globe. It can also create market for other Somaliland’s goods such as clothes, beverages, Miraa and others to the South Sudanese consumers.

While both Somaliland and South Sudan share the same societal values, especially valuing peace within and at their neighborhoods, they can mutually benefit from a peaceful co-existence of its people. And because peace can be senseless without food in the two nations, the two nations and their inhabitants can only reach their destiny by cooperating with each other. And therefore, we need to come together and discover those potentials which each country can only enjoy with the partaking of the other.

We’ve vibrant and skilful youthful population who are ready and agile to transform their communities only if there is willingness from governments of both nations to open economic, social and political spaces between the two nations. By tapping these potentials, the two governments will have created job opportunities, expanded social relations and improved the living conditions of their people… Stay Warm.

Peter Mapuor Makur


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