Thank You YALI

Thank you YALI
Thank you Young African Leadership Initiative

Thank you YALI.
Thank you for giving us not what to think but what to think about.
Thank you for knowing that the world in general is witnessing the rapid development of negative powers that threaten the way people live.
Thank you for knowing that in some parts of the globe human existence is at risk.

We are now aware that lYALI Participants during a physical exerciseeadership in Africa is in crisis.
We are aware that leadership is in crisis from Business, Politics and Religion.
The crisis in leadership is increasingly complex.

This crisis requires leaders to have broad range of skills and talents to match.
We, the YALI products are confident not to allow Africa face more challenges at a cognitive, emotional and behavioral levels in business, Politics and Religion.

We will not let Africa waste away while YALI has open doors for us young leaders in Africa.
The doors for Developing Managerial Effectiveness.
The doors for Inspiring Others.
The doors for Developing Employees.
The doors for leading Teams.
The doors for Guiding Change.
The doors for Managing Internal Stakeholders and Politics.

YALI thank you for shading to us light but never stop there.
We African young leaders are handcuffed by endless global evolution too.
The evolution is a long list but among them are Globalization, Climate change, Demographic shifts, Digitization, Individualization and Technological convergence.

YALI, you networked me with my fellow African leaders whom I would have never met. YALI, you made me hold a magical smartphone Tab I never held since creation. I am worried of returning my magical smartphone that connects me with my fellow young Africans for common reflection on Africa issues.

I am also worried about the generation of tomorrow even though they’ll find Smartphone Tabs cheap. I am worried about them due to endless global evolution mentioned earlier.
YALI, the trends indicate that the next generation of leaders will have to be multilingual, flexible, internationally mobile and adaptable.
But, most crucial of all, they must be highly collaborative and have strong conceptual and strategic thinking skills to find new ways to create loyalty among their subjects or employees.

Today, at the transnational level, civil wars, poverty, information overload, small arms, terrorism, global climate change, trafficking in women and children, international drug and criminal cartels, pandemic diseases, proliferation of chemical and biological and nuclear weapons and technology are among the pressing challenges that undermine leadership in the globe. Instead, for the leaders to bear the pain, they inflict it through top down approach of leading. Although authority is their legitimate right to make decisions and telling other people what to do, it’s not enough for effective delivery of service to mankind.

Thank you YALI you taught us that this is wrong for human dignity.
Thank you YALI you taught us that authority resides in positions rather than people.
God willing our leadership abilities such as knowledge, skills, and attitudes will be used positively in our leadership roles for the transformation of Africa.

Long Live YALI
Long Live Youth
Long Africa

God bless YALI


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