South Sudan race to lose virginity

Juba Bridge across River Nile
Juba Bridge across River Nile

Being a virgin is good because it makes you sell like a hot cake. However, if a man or a woman is not aware of the importance of their virginity to the society, the secret admirers might lure and turn them into professional prostitutes. Be careful!

South Sudan is a “virgin territory” of unexploited physical and human resources, moral, cultured and competent people. But then, the issue of virginity is like a double-sided coin as it also applies to outsiders who go into the country without having ever exploited their business with other countries… For outsiders who have interest in our land, and considering the realities of the present time, when South Sudanese have become bolder and assertive, they expect to be politically satisfied by their “stationed” ambitious and selfish local politicians. So would you, whether as a government, rebel or mere citizen prefer dealing in businesses of “sweeping” the country at the expense of filling your abdomen?

There are two questions you and I need to answer gradually. What is the interest of powerful states in our country and what is our interest in them? Well, South Sudan has goods and services that require a market with interested and able buyers. South Sudan is one of the richest poor countries in the globe, they say. This means a higher percentage of the country have no electricity or running water, and the infrastructure is just like Adam and Eve left it.

However, the market participants are willing to help expensively. They do this by taking freely what its price is locally unknown. Timber in Western and Central Equatoria has left the country from time to time due to these mysteries. One important natural feature left lonely is the River Nile that salutes Juba with warmth every single day and night. Other natural resources whose value is ignorantly equated to nothing, are iron ore, copper, chromium ore, zinc, tungsten, mica, silver, gold and hydropower.

Back home in the villages, no one lives on the above resources, but highly dependent on Agricultural produce that include peanuts, sorghum, millets, wheat, sugarcane, cassava, mangos, papaya, sweet potatoes, bananas, sesame, gum arabic and cotton.

Without being aware of our real virginity, the only hymen that every man wants to break and that the father of the girl knows is the oil that led the country into a premature ejaculation in December 2013. It’s this one premature ejaculation that is now laying grounds for South Sudanese innumerable divorce cases. By the time global powers cuddle us, we were one bad experience away from committing to a nunnery. Therefore, our admission that they were waiting until independence to make business with us was odd, but only refreshing for political kleptomaniacs – people who can’t control their desire to steal things. I hope they recover soon!

The outsiders knew South Sudan was a virgin on our first date during the 6-year interim period. It was something about the way we signed contracts and committed to international agreements. Well, that and the fact that it was repeated in the date number two – independence – and they hadn’t tried to undress us yet until we undress ourselves with bullets. Granted, that says less about our chastity and more about the addicts they’d “dated” in the past, still it was a dead giveaway to the Compromise Peace deal Agreement. A compromise to continue losing virginity. Gosh!
How long would we continue racing to lose virginity to men and women in relationships that don’t culminate into marriages? For God sake, let’s maintain our “hymenoplastic” virginity from Addis Ababa and get into a contract of trust and honesty with ourselves and outsiders.
We are now in the third date and I guess we have learned from past mistakes.


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