Kiir Beny!

Kiir! Kiir! Kiir! Kiir is unpredictable! His appointments, disappointments, and reappointments of politicians shock everyone and are not fun at all. Appointments! I hope you know that most appointed governors and national ministers are either unpopular or disliked by communities of origin. When he is appointing a person for a ministerial or gubernatorial seat, he … More Kiir Beny!

The Voice of a man from “No Man’s Land” (Ramchiel)

Our State House in the capital Juba is full of humor. No man’s land is another humorous and perpetual tone of confusion. I hear this utterance coming out from the mouths of politicians I should be respecting. Why the hell on earth call a people’s land a No man’s land? Tiom cin raan – it … More The Voice of a man from “No Man’s Land” (Ramchiel)

Untapped potentials by South Sudan and Somaliland

South Sudan and Somaliland are both developing countries with noticeable analogous historical struggles, but they differ in terms of their geographical location, investment capacities and international recognition to mention but a few. Somaliland is an internationally recognized self-declared state, meanwhile South Sudan is an independent recognized state by the United Nations. The fact is, both … More Untapped potentials by South Sudan and Somaliland

New way for South Sudanese thinkers

Just from my common uncommon sense, South Sudanese thinkers are branded or rather classified into innumerable groups based on how they present South Sudan and South Sudanese in public domains. Take a look here. Predominantly, there are those whose glasses see South Sudan as a country with nothing else but only incurable challenges. Challenges of … More New way for South Sudanese thinkers

What We Want

What’s similar between riding a bicycle and building a nation? In every country, someone is essential to be responsible for the task needs and the relationship needs if the nation is to accomplish its tasks and keep good relationships among its citizens. Try to picture what happens to a bicycle. If you have ever looked … More What We Want

Thank You YALI

Thank you YALI Thank you Young African Leadership Initiative Thank you YALI. Thank you for giving us not what to think but what to think about. Thank you for knowing that the world in general is witnessing the rapid development of negative powers that threaten the way people live. Thank you for knowing that in … More Thank You YALI